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Our Work Approach

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Our Work Approach


Connect World LLC works on the model of offering offshore software services with local presence.

Project Managers

Our onshore project and program managers interact closely with our clients in North America, Europe, and Asia.


By interacting with our clients directly and by working in their time zones, the locally based team members ensure optimal communication for the successful outcome of the outsourced projects.

Offshore coordination

Our project managers conduct onsite documentation of requirements and ensure that the offshore team has a pipeline of work orders to zero out idle time.

Time management

The offshore team works from across the globe during the clients’ idle time and completes the requests assigned to them before the start of the clients’ day.


This seamless collaboration helps save time and cost, as well as boosts productivity.

Strategic association

The strategic association between Connect World LLC, its partners, and alliances provides clients with real-world solutions, from technology consulting to customized services.  

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200Professional Staff
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