Digital Marketing Services

addkraft Consulting, partners of Connect World LLC’s, has the perfect recipe that can transform your brand’s online presence – a spectacular brand experience that’ll enthrall your potential customers!

A perfect blend of strategy, content, crowd building, and lead generation creates an epic experience that consistently delivers on your expectations.

What are the ingredients of this great experience that we package specifically for you? Take a look and have your pick of your ideal package!











Marketing Strategy Development

We team with you to derive a business-specific marketing strategy based on your business goals, revenue plans, and go-to-market approach. This blue print serves as the foundation for all your marketing initiatives.

Brand Development

For many businesses, their brand is just their logo. But the power of your brand extends way beyond the logo and brand colors – it is a reflection of your identity, your values, and your business personality. We help you creating your brand identity so you can make a lasting on your target audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the secret potion that can help you reach out to your target audience to build a trusted relationship. This strong medium shares your brand’s story with your audience, but this effort first requires detailed understanding your business and your audience, followed by creating personas and targeted content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the nerve center of today’s world. With almost every other person being active on at least two or three social media channels, the potential of these avenues   is incomparable. We utilize each channel’s unique persona to understand your audience’s likes and dislikes and create customized marketing strategies.

SEO/Keyword marketing

A strong online presence depends on the discoverability of your content and marketing efforts. Our SEO experts perform extensive research to derive keywords relevant to your business and common terms used by your target audience to search for products and services in your business

Marketing collateral creation

Every online marketing initiative gains tremendously from creating and distributing marketing collaterals. These are available in multiple formats – from case studies and white papers to point of view papers and capability documents. The elaborate details we provide highlight your business capabilities and success stories.

Landing page/website creation

Websites are your business’s online visiting card, while landing pages focus your audience’s attention on a specific message you want to deliver. The blog posts, online resources, and portfolios we create brighten up your landing pages and websites, providing your audience a detailed overview of what you have to offer.

Sales Lead Generation

Sales leads are one of the “most wanted” outputs for any organization. Every thoughtful and effective marketing effort culminates in generating sales leads. Our experts specialize in providing B2B sales leads in specific verticals such as IT, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and publishing

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